Sentry Warding Spots

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Sentry Warding Spots

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:03 pm

Here are the sentry warding spots.
Note that this is for sentries, not observer wards.


Yeah, i know, "WOAH". But you don't really have to spend ALL your money to buy this much. By the time the stock cooldown is over, your wards are gone too anyway. This picture shows the common and uncommon spots whereas the wards are placed.

Here are the more clear warding spots:

Lower Neutral Camping Areas 1

Lower Neutral Camping Areas 2

Upper Neutral Camping Areas

Bottom Rune Warding

Bottom Rune/Sentinel Forest

Top Rune Warding

Top Rune Mid-Warding

Sentinel Hill Warding

Scourge Hill Warding

Top Scourge Stone Warding

Lower Sentinel (First Tower) Stone Warding

Note that some of this spots can be used for Observer Warding too. Thank you. Very Happy


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