Warding and Roaming Guide (Written)

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Warding and Roaming Guide (Written)

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:34 pm

You should know the ward places before even go for supporting or ganking. If you want to be a proper support, your warding should be top notch. You should know all the ward spots, you should know how, when and why to ward, counter ward. Also when ganging/roaming u should know from where to move from one location to another to remain unnoticed so your gang is surprising and your target doesn't tower hug.

Supporting is pretty complicated, probably the hardest role and the most interesting one in DotA. First of all you should learn to read the map, your allies movements and your enemies movements should be pretty clear for you. You should know when your wards are out of time and when to replace them. You should know if this zone is safe to go and place wards.

Then there comes the team play sense. If u are not a team player, the supporting role is not for you. You have got to be pretty confident in your allies and to work with them.

Few tips when laning. If u are in an aggressive lane (lion, sand king for example), try to play aggressive and use every opportunity for a kill. However do not over harass, tower dive and do stupid stuff. Playing aggressive doesn't mean u should get kills in your lane, it means u should make your enemies life as hard as u can. If u are in a passive lane just protect. Be patient and position yourself in a way u can disable the enemies that are approaching your carry and in the same way be hardly approachable for your enemies. Your last hit should be perfect. You should try to last hit every creep your lane mate cannot (he is last hitting one creep, but there is another that is at low hp it is your job to take that one); you should try to deny every creep if it is possible to deny; you should prepare creeps for your lane partner (enemies are waiting to deny and your carry isn't attacking that creep, get a hit to give the last hit to your lane partner). Also check out the rune spot near your lane, it is your job to take them if the mid cant take them.

Mid game totally depends on you. Will u gain map control with your warding? Or will you lose it due to poor warding skills? Mid game is all up to proper warding. If u give a proper vision for team fights and tower pushes/defenses you are giving a huge advantage to your team at mid game. However if u place dumb wards that give not the proper vision, you will lose your first towers, thus you will lose map control. At mid game you will move a lot to ward and de-ward spots, you will lose a lot of experience and farm. Take as much as possible creeps when u have the opportunity do not let them to your carry. If he is good enough he can farm up without letting him last hit.

Late game it is all about positioning at team fights and warding. Keep the roshan zone warded since this is the last thing you want to lose. Keep a lane or 2 warded where your carry can farm without getting ganked. In team fights stay back. Seriously stay the fudge back. No one wants your CM, lion, vengeful dying without using all of its spells. Your disables, aura's are too important. Watch out for their initiators. If u can stun, swap, bite that Enigma that just blinked and used black hole - gg u did your job perfectly. If u hex that Earthshaker that just blinked in u have also did your job.

Few tips for ganking/roaming. Watch for their wards. Try to predict them to be unnoticeable. If you notice your target tower hugs when you go to gank him, there should be a ward somewhere. Try to locate it and counter ward it as soon as possible. In ganks be patient and wait for the perfect moment. Do not tower dive, try not to die. Your life is more important than theirs. Early kill on a carry wont fudge up his game, but early dead from you will delay your boots and your wards, not to mention the amount of experience you have already hard time getting you will lose.

That is all. TAKE THIS AND APPLY IT! Very Happy
Thank you for reading.


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