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MineSki Replays

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:59 pm

Get your Mineski replays here. Learn from one of the best. Not only will you be able to learn but if you keep yourself update to that site, http://www.mineski.net, this will be update by others too. I hope so.
Here is the link: http://mineski.net/forum/downloads.php?do=cat&id=2

If you are having problems watching the replays, here is the procedures.

1). Download the file inside the link of a recent match.
2). After downloading, the file picture appears to be that of the icon of Windows Media Player. If not, change it's compatibility to W3G file (don't worry, it is almost impossible that it would happen).
3). a. If your download required you to place the downloaded replay in a particular folder (Zip File), then just simply move it to your Warcraft III; Replay folder.
b. If your download is finished and the computer didn't seem to ask you where to place the file, manually do it. Go to the location where your downloaded replay is and open up your Warcraft III; Replay folder (separately) and drag the downloaded replay down to the Replay folder. (This will probably happen)
4). Open up your Frozen Throne application, click the "Single player" and then click "Last Replays". See if your file is there. If there is, provided that you have the same map the replay was used, you can watch.
Example: Mineski vs Happyfeet [Map 6.67c].
If you tried watching the replay and they said you couldn't, it's because you don't have the 6.67c map. That are the requirements.
5). Enjoy your learning experience mga TLG-ers.

Thank you. Very Happy


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