To all Administrators

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To all Administrators

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:10 am

Here are your rules. Even administrators have their own limitations.
Instead of grouping your rules like the Official forum rules i posted before this thread, i am just gonna type it out plainly so you have to read this fully and digest it in your head.
There shall be no abusing of admin power in terms of this:

- Cyber-bullying/Trolling
[Reason: First of all, trolling (in forum terms) is a way of trash-talking and mistreating to other forum-ers and guests who are just visiting. Remember, if you troll, you are simply pushing the forum members and guests away, thus, making the name of the team go down. You will be dealt with depending on how severe your actions were]

- Forum Abusing
[Reason: If you are caught changing the forum through the Administration Panel without the creator's permission, you will be degraded to Moderator until you have understood the effects of what abusing the forum can do. A single change in the coding, settings, images and the forum will go haywire which leads to one solution, to reset the entire system. That would not be my fault because the rules is already clearly stated. Therefore, if any form of forum abusing is accountable on you, you will be severely dealt with]

- Impersonating/Pretending/Assuming as Captain of TLG
[Reason: There is only one leader in the team, i repeat, only one. As most of you know, leadership requires skills to handle a group or team by only ONE commander and selfishness is not accepted in the characteristic of a leader. If you are, in any means of impersonating the captain of the team, it shows how selfish you are for the attention. Any intentions of the TLG members to impersonate their team leader, should be confronted. Repeated actions, you will be kicked out of the forum.]

That is all. Well, you still have to follow the rules in the thread before this too. Razz
GOOD LUCK ADMINISTRATORS! You have a huge responsibility in this forum, you should be glad you got the opportunity to be the admin.
Thank you.



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