TLG Introduction

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TLG Introduction

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:07 pm


Hey guys, this is the official forum for team TLG [The Living Guardians]. We're simply just a group of friends who just wanna make a team.
I do not know when this team was created but please do ask one of the members. Here, i am gonna introduce to you the team and their names. Their IGN (In-Game Name) will be listed down below. Note that there will be no ranking.
Read the TLG Motto for more information.

We live in Cebu, all of us do. It's in the Philippines and we're clearly all Filipinos. FYI, i am not a Singaporean. We play at Josh or GOLS Internet Cafe to have our occasional outings.

Here are the list of IGNs:
  • T.lg|zZz(-_-)

  • T.lg|LANCE

  • T.lg|EmmanNoob(:

  • T.lg|The Cugutin

  • T.lg|babyface

  • T.lg|_LUAS_™

  • T.lg|weNks|

  • T.lg|CoCoNu†

Any members missing, please tell me your name and IGN with the tag [T.lg|] behind your requested name. Thank you.

P.S: Team Motto will be posted under the Recruitment/Try-out Thread.


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