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If you wanna join the society and the team, you should be living in Cebu or as it is recommended.
There will be some questions asked and here is the format. Remember to respond to each and every question i am going to state down here.

1). What is your name? (FULL):

2). When were you born?:

3). How long have you been playing DotA? (If not sure, put down the estimate years and months):

4). What is/are your favorite hero(es)?:
- Lion, Demon Witch
- Ulfsaar, Ursa Warrior
- Goblin Techies
- Centaur
- Etc.

5). What is your strategic way of playing DotA?
Aggressive, Ganking-Dependent, Warding, Play-Safe, Whole-Game Farming (Late Gamer), Supporter, Carry, Tanking (always picking hard-to-kill heroes)?
You can choose multiple.

6). Where do you stay? (Province, Country)

7). What is your equipments? (Computer, Mouse Brand, Headset, RAM Size)

That us all you have to answer for us to make our decisions. We might be asking more questions to you personally.

Thank you,


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